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August 20, 2019

Limburg-based scale-up Aerobel invests 30 million in sustainable insulation production capacity

Limburg-based scale-up Aerobel invests 30 million

Insulation pioneer Aerobel will invest about 30 million euros over the next five years to scale up the production capacity of its sustainable and high-performance insulation material Aerogel™, which uses waste as a raw material. Aerogel left the laboratory environment a few weeks ago and is now ready for mass production and global sales.

Aerobel is confident of Aerogel's global success. The first market signals are promising. For example, the company has already received about 100 million euros worth of letters of intent from customers to purchase Aerogel worldwide. The expansion of manufacturing capacity is therefore necessary.  Aerobel wants to be able to produce at full capacity within three years.

Belgian construction materials group Fedrus International, headquartered in Puurs

Belgian construction materials group Fedrus International, headquartered in Puurs, is the first external private partner to join Aerobel's capital with an investment of several millions. Fedrus International also joins Aerobel's Board of Directors, which further consists of Sam Chartouni (Founder & CEO), and Niels Diepvens (CFO). Aerobel plans to attract additional directors in the relatively short-term. Additional actions are also in the pipeline to raise capital.

The investments will enable Aerobel to be competitive in the global insulation market. The new production facilities in Genk will be able to produce enough Aerogel at cruising speed to insulate 854,000 square meters per year. Aerogel is fully circular. In fact, Aerogel's raw material consists of silica-rich waste and natural resources, offering enormous potential in terms of sustainability and productivity. With Aerogel, Aerobel offers sustainability to the fourth power at a competitive price: the companyr educes waste, produces the best performing insulation material in the world, which is also produced in an energy-efficient way and is completely recyclable.

To realize its ambitions, Aerobel will expand its workforce. Thus, the company plans at least 50 new workshops, mainly in production and sales. The lion's share of the jobs will be created in Belgium. Aerobel will also strengthen its sales teams in strategic export countries.

"We are proud that a leading company like Fedrus International believes in our vision and our products" states Sam Chartouni, Founder and CEO of Aerobel.  "With their experience in international manufacturing, distribution and sales of building materials and their extensive network within the global building materials industry, they can make an invaluable contribution to making Aerogela leading global insulation product."

Fedrus International: "We firmly believe in Aerobel's future success and we are pleased to put our shoulders to the wheel of their growth plans. The vision of the company and its leaders has great appeal to us, as does the potential of Aerogel, its homegrown sustainable insulation product. Together we are striving to boost the "Made in Belgium"quality brand worldwide."

About Aerobel

Aerobel (www.aerobel.tech)  is a true innovator in the sustainable isolation materials sector. Founded in Belgium in 2020, the company experiences a swift growth and is now active in over 10 countries on 2continents. Aerobel developed and markets sustainable and circular Aerogel™, the best performing isolation product in the market, using waste as raw material. Aerogel is primarily used for the isolation of walls and windows in new constructions and existing buildings. The company also offers environmentally friendly binders. Its mission is to offer innovative and sustainable isolation materials to the world.

For more info: Jochem Binst, +32471202679, jochem@jb-i.eu

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