EPS Beads

We offer both graphite and white EPS beads.

  • Price efficient
  • Sustainable
  • 100% CKF free

Expanded Polystyrene is an excellent insulator constructed from a closed cell structure. This cell structure is 98% composed of air and 2% constructed from polystyrene. In this way it is a very economical product.

- The raw material used to produce the polystyrene is styrene, these are mined and processed both primary and secondary. After the polymerization of styrene, we add some additives and pentane gas to the raw material. This is then injected with controlled steam creating an expansion.

- It is completely CFC free!

- The energy required to produce the raw material is small, it is also fully generated by our solar panel farm.

We offer both graphite and white EPS. Graphite EPS has a 15% better insulation value!

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